Patient Experiences:
Here is some feedback we have received.

Testimonial from the parents of an adolescent:

We had our adolescent son visit Dr. Stein for a comprehensive evaluation, and we were struck immediately by Dr. Stein’s friendliness, clarity around the testing process and high degree of professionalism.  An administrator at our son’s high school—one of the top boarding schools in New England—referred us to Dr. Stein.  Previously, our son had been diagnosed with attention challenges by another psychologist — a process that took at least six months to complete.  On the testing day, Dr. Stein and his assistant spent nearly five hours with our son. Five working days later, my husband and I met with Dr. Stein so that he could review the written report with us.  The information was wonderfully detailed, replete with helpful charts and graphs, and was extremely thorough.

My husband and I were very reassured after meeting with Dr. Stein; we felt we could trust the results implicitly, and we had a high degree of confidence in his assessment. Because of his background and experience, and his “bedside manner” — of being kind, welcoming, professional and prompt—we have already recommended Dr. Stein to fellow parents and will continue to do so.

Testimonial from the parents of a 3-year-old:

Since meeting with Dr. Stein to go over the findings of our daughter’s evaluation, I have had the opportunity to meet with a number of folks to help us find the best coping mechanisms.


While I very quickly realized that Dr. Stein was able to connect with our daughter better than most outside her immediate family, I did not initially fully appreciate the thorough examination and well-written report. I have gained a better understanding and am even more grateful that we were able to work with Dr. Stein. Literally every professional I have interacted with has gone out of her/his way to compliment your report (our child’s pediatrician, neurologist, independent OT evaluator, current school employees, public school employees, and a family member working as a school adjustment counselor). Most have also affirmatively agreed with your recommendations. The public school district representatives indicated they are going to recommend you to other families in need of similar services.


I wanted to be certain to relay how truly appreciative we are to have had the opportunity to work with New England Neurodevelopment and, in turn, facilitate our daughter receiving assistance to help her enjoy life to the fullest. You have had a significant, positive impact on our lives.  

Testimonial from the mother of a 14-year-old:


Dr. Stein tested our 14-year-old son who had a high-functioning ASD diagnosis.  We have been seeing evidence of potential ADD issues as well recently and wanted to have an updated analysis of strengths and challenges before starting the application process for high school.

We highly recommend Dr. Stein.  We chose him based on a recommendation from our Newton-based consultant who has been in the field for decades.  Dr. Stein’s experience at [Boston] Children’s Hospital with kids on the ASD / ADHD spectrum as well as his ability to put our son at ease and really connect with him made him a perfect choice for us.  In addition, we found the assessment he shared with us particularly analytical, thoughtful and thorough, with specific, actionable recommendations, which is something we haven’t experienced from past assessments over the years.

We have a much better understanding of our son’s strengths and the causes of some of his challenges after having had this assessment, and we are grateful to Dr. Stein for his experience, insight and especially his interest in helping our son...  Teens’ brains change so much at this stage in their lives, and knowing more about how his ADHD and executive functioning challenges determines the conditions under which he can perform at his best is a real gift.  Armed with this knowledge, we hope to be able to help our son establish habits that will contribute to his success in high school and college as well as life beyond school. 


We are grateful to Dr. Stein for taking the time to share with us his analysis of the results, how it will affect him going forward, and his recommendations for how our son can reach his full potential. 

Testimonial regarding services provided during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order:

Our son [is a student] at one of the top boarding schools in New England...We were given a few names by the [school] and chose Dr. David Stein in Wellesley. We are so glad we did! And that is an understatement!  From the time of the first contact to completion of the evaluation, our communications were efficient,  and timely at the same time as being thorough. Our first contact occurred on the cusp of the COVID “Stay at home” orders being enforced. This resulted in our son’s testing being executed via remote computer programs with both Dr. Stein and my son connected via lap top remotely together (avoiding using software trade names here). Being a medical professional myself, I researched all the various test batteries that he was going to use and am very pleased to report that he had access to the latest and most sophisticated test batteries available. Also his analysis systems were far superior to others  we had experienced elsewhere a few years back. Also,  our son reported happily that he enjoyed the testing process and the interactions with Dr. Stein and his assistant. At the end of the evaluation process, Dr. Stein, my husband, son and I  had a remote conference together where he presented all his data and his report, along with suggestions on how to ameliorate a few things. It was highly detailed and thorough and most importantly, conclusive! We now have very useful data that will further the cause! I cannot recommend Dr. Stein highly enough. Thank you Dr. Stein - we are all very grateful to you and wish you the very best!


Testimonial regarding services provided during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order:

We just completed a telehealth evaluation for my 13-year old son. Though I was initially concerned about having not met Dr. Stein in person, we could not be any more pleased. Dr. Stein was flexible about timing, and it worked well to break the testing into three shorter telehealth sessions. Our son felt comfortable with Dr. Stein and his staff immediately, and he actually enjoyed some of the activities you did together. My husband and I really appreciated the comprehensive report Dr. Stein provided and the time he took to go over the results.  We are confident that the results are valid and reliable. All around, this was an excellent experience, and I will recommend Dr. Stein/New England Neurodevelopment, including for telehealth evaluations, to anyone who asks!